Love is shown in many ways and none more so than that put into making something for someone else.

This site is about things to do with yarn … what I use, what I make, and who I make it for. Plus, of course, I shall talk about the tools I use to make these things.

I’m a creative butterfly with a few things on the go at any one time. Why? you ask. Why do you not finish one thing before starting another? Because what I’m making at the time is dictated by what is going on around me … some things need much more concentration, some are pretty mindless repetition yet still look complicated and stunning. My peg loom is three feet wide so not exactly a good choice for the train journey but my crochet takes up very little space and packs away neatly in the normal small handbag.

People tell me I’m in the autumn of my life, yet autumn can be the most dazzling spectacle with the range of intense colours that appear across the landscape. I hope my autumn will be as colourful.

I hope to see you here.



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