Time to …

… come out of the cupboard – there’s really no more room in there.  I did take a pic but I haven’t yet learned how to upload it and include it in a post.

I’ve decided that it’s time to stop being ashamed of my house, as bad as it is (why does everything arrive in such HOOOOJ boxes? ) because being ashamed of my house,  by extension, means I’m ashamed of myself and I’m not. I’ve decided I like me, so that’s at least one member of my very small fan club lol.

On the creative front, I’m busy getting ideas down in a notebook for making the things I’m hoping to sell. My ‘cannon balls’ are taking definite shape although the materials and skills needed are quite different for each design. It’s a secret for now until I can get into proper production mode. I’ve included a list of what I think needs doing to do that:

1. Throw out the rubbish.

2. Make a proper space to set up equipment to work in.

3. Gather all resources into one place, and remedy the effects of the loose cannon syndrome I’m living with … use a modern version of the brass monkey.

And perhaps the most important of all …

4. Unpack the new equipment.

New (expensive) set of circular needles arrived today and it feels like Christmas again. I’m sooo excited … woo hoo!

I shall be happy to share what equipment I do use and give my opinions as to why I bought the items, but I won’t endorse any particular brands. I’ve found over the years that my likes and tastes have changed considerably. What I loved using in my 20s I now find irksome. Experience teaches us what we should use to make our tasks pleasurable and efficient … because that’s when we do our best work, work to be proud of.

If you have any constructive comments or advice I’d love to hear from you. This is all so new … and  FUN!!!

See you soon,


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