Busy, busy, bang!

It’s been a while since my last posting and there’s a reason for that … I’ve been properly diagnosed as having bipolar disorder now that my psychiatrist has seen my manic phase in full flow (and heard it – I don’t stop talking). And it’s an amazing relief that all these contradictory emotions I experience have an underlying reason.

Anyway … back to the cannon. Last week I had such a weird dream: my friends and I were all rounded up and put in a prison camp. We escaped but were soon recaptured and put into cages made up of rusty iron bars. The Commandant came to see us and said we would be released when we’d finished our task … to knit a cover for the whole of the Great Wall of China.

I recounted this dream to my knitting friends and it seems one of them is definitely on my wavelength when she suggested we could also make jumpers for all the soldiers in the Terracotta Army lol. So we’ll see you in about 50 years!

It’s the season of Lent and traditionally a time when people give up treats, or even fast, for the forty days leading up to Easter. This year, coincidentally, a request for knitted hats for the local Maternity Unit landed in my inbox on Shrove Tuesday. So, this year, rather than be negative, I decided to donate one hour of skill plus the required materials each day to making these hats. So far I’ve completed seven hats, with an eighth on the needles from yesterday. Imagine smaller versions of the one in the picture in pretty greens and pinks.

So it’s less ‘cannonballs’ rolling around the house and more actual items completed. Bang! and they’re done.

Then there was the Yarn Club at the local library. I wasn’t on my own this week as a new lady came to learn to crochet, and the young student left her studies for a couple of hours to try it as well. Thankfully I had enough resources with me for them. (Note to self … take the ‘cannonballs’ bag, my brass monkey, with me next week!)

Next resolution is to post more often, to bore you with my busy life’s amazing activities.

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