I mean to work hard …

… but I keep finding things that are more fun to do.

I’ve just discovered Victorian knitting patterns through the Knitting and Crochet Guild (and yes, I’m a member).  So I decided to research Berlin Wool and Andalusian Wool.  Nothing!  However, other people have also decided to do the same thing and by piecing tidbits of information together I’ve come to the conclusion that Fine Berlin Wool is 1 ply, meant to be made on size 15 pins or, in new money, 1.75 mm needles.  There was was no standardisation of sizes so size 15 in one make could be size 18 in another.  I think that today I’d use laceweight yarn, which is roughly 2 ply more or less, depending on spinner, and 2 mm needles.

I haven’t seen size 15 needles for years, although my one remaining size 14 is the dibber for making holes in my Christmas cakes, to feed them through.  Quite naturally, how could one research Victorian crafts without coming across receipes (not all from the infamous Mrs. Beeton) which make your mouth water at the thought, and your heart sink at the input of labour and time to make.

And it’s a knitting and crochet week, this week.  On Saturday it’s the monthly meeting of the KCG in Birmingham, so my train ticket is booked, my hooks and cottons are packed (except for the ones I’m already using), and my appetite is duly whetted.  It’s crocheting Irish lace this month … I already have a use for these skills.  There are some really gorgeous patterns out there but Google’s translation package does not bear any relationship between the original Russian instructions and any form of English, whether it be the UK or US versions.  I’ve resuscitated my Spanish skills by listening to and watching an excellent YouTube video on a pattern that’s new to me.

So, I’m wandering into the territory of considering how many of my skills I actually learned at school originally – and it’s most of them.  It was only the original sewing, knitting and crochet basics that my Mum taught me that weren’t.  And I considered what I’m good at:  reading, problem solving by adaptation, number work, languages, music, writing (well, I think I am … are you still awake over there? lol), cooking when I can be bothered, and some craft things.  Which made me consider what I’m NOT good at:  geography, maths (algebra in particular), art – no sense of perspective.

The butterfly mind is dominant at the moment, as you can see, flitting from one unrelated topic to the next.  That means I feel as if I’ve actually completed lots of work when, in fact, I’ve done absolutely nothing except write this blog page.  I’ll finish here so I can at least say I finished something today.

Would love to hear from you.  Bye for now.


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