Cannon balls are flying …

… in all directions because I always end up setting myself impossible targets. 

Does that sound familiar?

I crocheted a Christening shawl for a friend, but it went pear shaped … almost literally! … when I washed it.  So not happy and decided to make another one, knitted this time, and to get it done in just five days.  Impossible, you might think and you would be right.  It’s going well, but it will take at least another week and a bit, if not more, as I’m designing parts of it as I knit.  So yarn balls are flying as I pull off ever more supplies with which to keep the needles working.

There is a danger in all of this, that you can get so engrossed, so tunnel-visioned, that the world passes you by and you miss other enjoyable things.  Most people say life is too short, but I would argue that life is too long to miss out on things.  You look back and realise that what you saw as vital at the time was, in reality, only slightly important and other things being included can make the whole experience so much busier but give you amazing memories to look back on.  A short life of long memories is far better than a long life of tedious greyness.

I think what I’m trying to say, and doing so badly at saying, is that it’s great to make things for other people, it’s great to do things for other people, but you must not forget yourself in the meantime.  Allow yourself to take a minute to (literally) smell the coffee, smell the roses (like the ones I had for Mother’s Day, along with the other flowers that also smell so sweet), smell the casserole in the slow cooker simmering away for dinner … it was gorgeous, by the way.  Give yourself time to talk to other people instead of keeping your head down in case you become distracted … small distractions feed your brain and allow you to remain alert.

So now it’s time to load the Nespresso and enjoy good coffee, to snack on cheese and biscuits for lunch, and to refocus the mind back to the task in hand, while I’m ticking off the five things on my To Do list for today that I’ve completed.  Just the vet’s to visit to replenish the cat food supplies and my list is finished.  There’s is never more than five items on the list because I can cope with five, rather than the endless list of things I used to have.  Now to start ticking off some of the five things on my Want To Do Today list, starting with Season 4 of Grimm …

Bye for now.


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