All change …

When you think things are going well, you’ve got what you want … well,life has a habit of changing all that. And things have changed here. The sky is dark, we’re having torrential showers, and it’s enough to make anyone depressed. But I refuse to be downhearted!

The company plans are coming together nicely, albeit slightly different from what I first imagined, but still nicely. Ideas are flooding in and putting a few of them together has proved to be well worth the hesitation in going forward at a gallop. Tomorrow I’m off on a training course for my new machine so hopefully I shall soon have stock in the shop. And then, even more hopefully, someone will actually like it and buy it.

So from you, my stalwart readers, I would like to know … what items would you like to see:

Cushion covers
Embroidered towels
Baby blankets

If you have other ideas, or you’d like a bespoke item, please do send me an email on

Or just send me a message and tell me what you think of the blog – if it’s tedious, say so; if you like it, say so even louder.

I really look forward to hearing from you.


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