Still alive …

It’s been a while … five months and three days, to be precise.  So I suppose I’d better get the niceties out of the way:  How are you? … What would you like for Christmas? … Merry Christmas … did you have a nice Christmas? … Happy New Year … Happy birthday for three family members … have you got snow? … isn’t it cold! … do wrap up warm if you’re going out … would you like a piece of cake?

During those five months and three days I’ve been quite poorly at times, one of the cats has been even more poorly, and I’ve discovered a really lovely selection of wines.  The house now has ‘floors’ as the hoard reduces, the yarns are getting sorted, paper is stacked in bags awaiting attention, the holiday has been booked (Cornwall this year) and, most importantly of all, I’ve found out who my best friends are – that is the one thing that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Also during those five months and three days I’ve worked out why my weaving wasn’t working properly, I’ve crocheted wine cosies, scarves and coasters.  Right now the Ravellenic Games are on – my three projects I aim to get done are a small chevron afghan, a rather nice ‘Trinity’ Scarf (three in one), and the reduction of a redundant pile of crocheted squares back to balls of yarn to re-use.  As it ends on 25th February I suppose I’d better get on with it.  One good thing, as I’m living a rather regimented life to ensure the cat gets his injections on time I no longer go out very early and come back very late.  It means I can spend my time with crochet hooks and yarn instead, watching some rather good television and listening to some very good radio.

As for the company, I’m still planning.  There is no way I can make enough items to fill the shop by myself, so I may have to buy in.  But I also have plans to use some of my makes to incorporate into gift packs.  Now the Christmas and birthday season is over for another nine months I might just have time to get organised … ready for Christmas 2018! I shall also be selling on Facebook.

This blog is rather dull as there are no pictures.  I will do my best to post some in the near future … I’m sure you want to see the view from my house (which is more than I do, as the garden is a bit of a jungle right now) and my small collection of teapots.  Thankfully you can’t hear me chuckling as I write all this nonsense.

See you soon.  So please do leave me a message.



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