This month, between 8th and 25th February, the Ravellenic Games have taken place to coincide with the Winter Olympics.  What are they? I hear you ask.  It is a team ‘game’ run through Ravelry for people who like to knit, crochet, weave, spin, frog, and also who have a sense of self-destruction as we set ourselves challenges.  You know the sort – the ones that you reach just over halfway and wonder why you ever thought this was a good idea.  It IS a good idea.

I’m part of the Knitting and Crochet Guild team this year, and set myself three challenges:  an afghan, a scarf with a difference, and frogging.  The afghan is done and I’ll see if I can get the picture up – the lighting was poor so the green doesn’t show up too well, but it’s there.  The scarf is modular, I call it the trinity scarf, and one section is about finished, whilst the second module is about halfway done.  I should get that finished tomorrow or Thursday and then I can settle to some frogging – thankfully there isn’t too much of that.  As long as it’s all done by Sunday morning it will be fine.

As I’ve been sitting with my crochet hook I’ve been thinking about which direction I want the company to go and a few decisions have been made.  I’m basically going to make what I want to make and sell those items.  If they sell, great.  If they don’t then I’ll need to tweak things a little.  I’m too old to want to slave away at making a living.  It will never be a multi-million penny organisation, let alone pounds, but it will be as ethical as I can make it.  Prices will be reasonable, covering the costs of materials with a small profit.  Good materials, good skills and lots of love in the making should create some nice pieces:  hats, scarves, baby clothing.

But I can’t make everything myself.  Some items will be bought in, all handmade, from people willing to make and sell their goods to me.  So if anyone reading this feels they would like to make and sell their items, please do drop me a message … I’d love to hear from you.

Back to the scarf and the frog.  See you soon.


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